There is really no limit on how many books a student may sign out from our library. Because students may come to the Media Center anytime during the day with their teacher's permission, I try to have them limit themselves to 2-4 books at a time. When they finish those, they may bring them back & get more. Students may choose their own books (with some limitations due to a K-8 student body).
    Many times lower grade students want to take out non-fiction books above their reading level because they like to look at the pictures. I do not discourage them from doing this but, I do try to get them to take a second book that is their reading level so they can practice their reading skills. Occasionally, I will ask them to bring in a note from a parent giving permission for their child to take a certain book. For example, a first grade student wanting to sign-out Harry Potter or a Goosebumps book. Every family has a different view on what they allow their children to read. The best way to make sure your child chooses the types of books you want them to is to sit down with them and have a discussion, explaining why you do or do not want them to choose certain types of books.
     No matter what schedule your child is on (K-4 = 4 day rotation, 5-6 = quarterly, and 7-8 = 5 week), books are signed out for 2 weeks. The rule is... students must return what they have to get new books. If a book is lost or destroyed, the student is responsible for reimbursement.  Questions &/or comments are welcome.
                                                                                                             Mrs. Noon

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    March 2013